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We need to remember Christ's example to us. We need to remember that we are sinful and need sanctification. We need to remember our utter and complete dependence on our Lord. Living in the shadow of the Cross serves as a daily reminder.

So how does one live in the shadow of the Cross and what does that life look like? It is the living out of the Biblical principles found in God’s Word. It is an attitude of the heart, a daily devotion to our Savior, and an outworking of His sanctifying grace in our lives.

The particulars may look different, as God leads us. The point is that living in the shadow of the Cross is not a method or a set of rules that will leave us looking basically identical in our practices. Where Scripture is silent, we cannot rush forward and tell others how they must live, nor should we allow others to bind our consciences with rules God never established. There is great freedom in Christ, and that freedom brings with it the responsibility of submitting to the leading of the Spirit of God. Ultimately, we are responsible for hearing God's voice. We cannot rely on others to do all the hearing for us. We are responsible for “Living out our salvation” as God convicts each one of us, as we mature and grow in our Christian walk and journey.

We cannot undertake any of this on our own. No manmade method, no program, no set of steps can  bring us to this point. Only the very real presence of Christ in our lives, bringing us redemption and enabling us to die to ourselves and live for Him, can enable us to live in the Shadow of the Cross.

My deepest prayer is that God will work in my life and bring forth the fruit that He desires. I grow daily more aware that only the miraculous, transforming power of God could make that possible and that I stand in great need of God's grace. My hope lies in the fact that He Who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it.

May all of our lifes become truly Christ-centered, as we live our lives in the Shadow of the Cross, with our hope fixed on Christ Jesus.

So why stay in the shadow?

Well, because the spotlight belongs on Jesus. He’s our Savior. You aren’t . I’m not. And the cross, well, it’s like a shield to protect us from the wrath of God’s anger over sin which He poured out on Jesus when he hung from the cross. Forgiveness is free, but it wasn’t cheap. You and I couldn’t bear that punishment, so Jesus took it upon himself.

God made His choices when it came to our relationship with Him, it's evident in His Word and His actions that He truly desires a relationship with each of us, now the choice is ours. Will you except His invitation to join His family or will you turn your back on Him as the soldiers and religious people of Christ’s day did to His Son. It’s Your Choice. He’s waiting.

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About the Author
Christopher B. Wolf is himself the beneficiary of many second chances and do-overs in his faith. He grew up Catholic in New Jersey and went on to become an ordained pastor in the Reformed Church in America. Prior to the ministry he worked in public relations. Currently he serves as pastor of First Reformed Church in Grandville, Michigan. .

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